We provide outstanding engineering services for dams and hydraulic projects (water supply, irrigation plants, etc). We have created innovative design solutions for small to large scale projects.

The design of dams has always been the firm’s core activity. We learned the art of dam engineering in the 1990s and have continued to implement it over the years, gradually building up the unique expertise that we have today. As far as dam engineering is concerned, “impossible” doesn’t exist: there is always a solution and it’s our job to find it and make it happen.

Today, after more than three decades of activity, SUPEK has successfully designed over 100 dams of all kind: gravity and arch-gravity (RCC or concrete), arch, buttress, rockfill with bituminous or concrete face, rockfill with geomembrane, earthfill, earth-rockfill, rubber dams, etc. We have done all the engineering for dams of all sizes, from very small ones (few meters) up to the larger dams (up to 60 meters high).

The assignment included the following services:

  • Economic evaluation.
  • Estimate of project costs
  • Technical reporting and electronic documentation
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