With the irrigation and drainage projects that we developed as SU PEK Project; we help our customers to manage their existing water resources in an optimum way by developing projects that are most feasible and economical in the field for all their agricultural irrigation needs.

As a result of our studies; With the most suitable water resources, optimum agricultural crop selection and water requirements are evaluated and the most economical irrigation system is developed according to the land conditions.

The field and office works we have done during the projecting stage provide us with superior analysis and design capability. In this way, we become an indispensable business partner of our customers in agricultural irrigation.

Our Services

  • Water resources and hydrological studies
  • Natural Building Materials and Geological – Geophysical – Hydrogeological Studies
  • Land classification studies
  • Agricultural Economics studies
  • Alternative irrigation systems
  • Economic evaluation
  • Estimation of project costs
  • Technical reporting and electronic documentation
  • Preparation of application projects (Construction, Mechanical, Electrical and Architectural)
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