SU PEK PROJECT AND CONSULTANCY INC. Was established in 1990 in Ankara and is one of the expert engineering and consultancy companies.
SU PEK Proje ve MÜŞAVİRLİK A.Ş. is a well-established engineering company that has made it a principle to provide Engineering and Consultancy services to government and private sector in domestic and abroad in the most appropriate way.
The company is specialized in the design, design and management of projects related to irrigation development, water storage, river rehabilitation and flood protection projects and renewable energy (hydroelectric, solar and wind power plants) and distribution facilities.
With the technical personnel who are experts in their fields; irrigation and drainage systems, rehabilitation and flood protection channels, water supply and distribution facilities, dams or large storage structures, pumping stations, large open canals, tunnels, channel or storage (dam) hydroelectric power plants, planning and feasibility and as a result of these studies, the final and drill projects.
SU PEK PROJE has developed and designed many projects not only at home but also abroad.
SU PEK PROJE has a modern, experienced and trained staff with advanced technology and computer hardware.

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