Product Excellence

Su Pek Proje aims to keep the customer satisfaction at the highest level with the aim of creating value for its customers and meeting customer expectations completely. Customer-oriented working is our basic principle.

Investing in People

Water Pek The project is aware that the most important value is human resources. It maintains human quality at the highest level by employing and investing in the necessary competence and awareness.

Continuous Improvement

Su Pek Project makes continuous development possible with its investments in employees, technology, environment, occupational health and safety and business processes, trainings and regular internal audits. Uses suggestions and complaints from employees, customers and third parties as a tool for continuous improvement.

Environment, OHS and Social Responsibility

Su Pek Within the scope of the project, the environment complies with the OHS-related laws, regulations and business ethics. It pays attention to the protection of the environment and its employees with prevention of occupational accidents, pollution, management of wastes in accordance with requirements, recovery and reuse incentives.

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