Turkey has been changing, as it changes we also change. Nothing remains same. Mountains, rocks change into cement, cement into concrete.
Roads stretch across mountains, plains and damns and they all reach to human. In brief, the face of the world is being reshaped.

The development of the means of communication and transportation in our era have removed the geographic boundaries and put the bussiness world into illimitable atmosphere of competition. In this process where a brand-new products or services can go out of date in a night it is an undeniable fact that to carry out our existance successfully is in direct proportion to change itself.

As SU PEK, we are aware of these changes in the globe. We are determined in our initiatives with a very high perception, power and courage and receive very positive results. We also would like to carry on our success into the future with the same values.

We implement the innovations timely and effectively with the help of our contuniously raising enthusiasm, unabated determination, the human power we have and high techonolgy. Peker Group has become one of the most fundamental dynamics of Turkey for over 29 years with its commitments, knowledge and constantly developing conception.

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who have supported and assisted us in our activities so far today as well as all our shareholders and colleagues.

Sincerely yours,



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